Some Things Can't Be Replaced by Modern Convenience

Work with our local quilter in Kalamazoo & Schoolcraft, MI to design something truly beautiful for your home

Quilting is an art form and handcraft that's been a part of our lives for many generations. While picking up a blanket at the store may be easier and cheaper, they don't last as long as a quilt made for your family. A custom quilt from Sewing by Theresa will last and can keep generations of your family comfortable. Our local handmade goods are the type of items your family will cherish and pass down for years to come.

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Our incredible handmade goods

Are you looking for something special? The local handmade goods we sell include:

Our owner has been sewing and creating incredible handmade items her entire life, and she pours love into every item she creates. If you're interested in a custom item for yourself or a loved one, email us now.

Telling stories through textiles

Quilting patterns and the use of specific materials have been used to memorialize family stories, create beautiful pictures and preserve personal history. Our quilts are no different. Our local quilter will work with you to design a quilt that incorporates the details you're looking for and will be an heirloom you can pass down to your loved ones. We also create T-shirt quilts that can turn shirts from events, schools and other experiences into a patchwork of your life.

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